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«No ads»«backup function»«CSV import/ export»«Birthdays» is simply the most beautiful app ever to manage your birthdays and anniversaires with.You will love it.
Features: ✔ Import birthdays ✔ Create new birthdays ✔ Import anniversaries ✔ Create new anniversaries ✔ Lists all your birthdays ✔ Reminder ✔ Add notes to a birthday ✔ Backupfunction ✔ Great widget ✔ No ads
Do you also often forget to wish your friends a happy birthday?With «Birthdays» this will be a thing of the past.
You can easily import the birthdays and anniversaries from your telephone contacts as well as adding new ones.
Thanks to the beautiful widget you will see the next upcoming birthday at all time.The reminder makes sure that you always have a present early enough.
With the function to add notes, you can easily put down your thoughts (like: bake an apple pie or buy flowers) to the birthdays.